About us: Together with the team and our partners, we are working hard to become the new standard.

Alloq - Office

Alloq is an online SAAS solution that enables portfolio managers to automate and improve the compliance and robustness of front office processes such as rebalancing, currency hedging and LDI. The software adapts to your own rules, maintains clear audit trails and offers a wide range of solutions for the financial market.

About us

At VI Company we have many years of experience in developing software for financial markets. With Alloq we think we can improve a part of that market, or at least for a little bit. We started with a good idea, and now we are growing fast. We are constantly improving ourselves and the product with new insights. We are far from grown!

Alloq office


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We are a young start-up, in a proven company. With Alloq we are growing rapidly and looking for new colleagues. So if you are interested in improving the financial markets with your expertise, please contact us quickly.

Interested in what Alloq can do for you?

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You can reach us at info@alloq.nl or +31 10 79 87 188

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The benefits of Alloq

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Accessible from all devices.

  • Automatically generated audit trail.

  • The complete allocation management process in one tool.

  • Meets all security standards.

Start improving your processes and make better investment decisions.