A better portfolio management process

A tailor-made software solution for institutional investors to automate, analyse, and speed up processes such as Allocation Management, Currency Hedging, and Balance Management.

Designed with over 15+ years of experience developing software in the fintech industry.

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Intuitive dashboards, Exception reports


Calculates complex data up to 90% faster


24/7 reliability, API ready, ISO & ISAE Certified


Asset allocation

  • Create unlimited scenarios according to your client’s mandate.
  • Directly see which client and asset classes are out of bandwidth.
  • Let a colleague review your cash flow input with our 4-eyes-check feature.

Currency Hedging

  • Directly see your currency exposure, bandwidth, and current hedge for every client and asset class.
  • Automatically generate transactions that are compliant with the selected mandate.
  • Gain direct insights through beautiful charts and widgets.

Balance management

  • Calculate your required equity within a matter of seconds.
  • Compare your data with a previous entry to validate.
  • View your calculation models to the deepest level with our backtrace feature.


We could talk about features all day.
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“Alloq closes a gap in the IT landscape that allows institutional investors to make their business critical processes more robust.”

Jeroen Ruepert, Partner Advisory, Asset Management & Pensions (KPMG)


With over 15+ years of experience developing software in the fintech industry we discovered that most of our client’s portfolio management processes were inefficient, complex and have limited possibilities.

Thats why we started Alloq; a software solution that enables institutional portfolio managers to provide an accurate, fast and robust allocation management processes in a controlled manner such as asset allocation, currency hedging, and balance management.

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03Why Alloq

Companies choose for Alloq. Here’s why.

Our platform can be customised to fit any finance departments’ needs across different industries such as pension funds, assurance companies, service providers, auditors, family offices, and many more.

Alloq provides a more accurate, faster and robuster process.


  • Designed to mitigate risk and act without hesitation.

  • Turns key data into insights.

  • Compare your data with previous measurements.

  • Trace your calculations to the deepest level.

  • Full transparency with automated audit trail.

  • Set up validation controls such as the 4-eyed principle.


  • Perform complex calculations super fast.

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface optimized to perform your daily- and monthly allocation tasks.

  • Connectable with data warehouses to automate your workflow.

  • Generates the required information with just one click of a button.


  • Developed with Regulatory compliance, Bank-grade security.

  • Guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

  • Single sign-on login capabilities.

  • Adjustable to your internal workflow.

  • Transparency of calculations and models.

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“By collaborating with VI Company in the development of Alloq, PGGM has been able to further improve the quality of its portfolio management and to execute more efficiently.”

Uri Soetendorp, Head of Client Portfolio Analysis & Management (PGGM)

Alexander van Veelen