Multiple modules to get portfolio managers back to doing what they do best: managing portfolios.

Valuta Hedging - USD overview

Alloq is a powerful software solution that enables institutional portfolio managers to improve the robustness, speed, and accuracy of front offices processes such as rebalancing, currency hedging and LDI.

Our software solution consists of multiple modules that offer complete customization, flexibility, and an automated approach to adapt to user-specific requirements and client mandates. Alloq is setup for complete straight-through-processing and offers key features like four-eyes-principle validation and backtracing for complete audit logs to enhance transparency, compliance, and auditability.

Asset Allocation

The Asset Allocation module supports the entire asset allocation process for multi-asset portfolios.

The module enables users to assign portfolios of clients with their own ruleset, providing the freedom to create and test innovative allocation management strategies, while minimizing risk.

Alloq Asset Allocation

Currency Hedging

The Currency Hedging module offers a seamless solution to manage and control  FX risk by providing real-time insight into the current exposure, hedge positions and mismatch of all portfolios.

The module enables users to easily report current hedge positions and automatically generate hedge transactions according the mandates, benchmarks, or custom rule sets of their clients.

Alloq Currency Hedging

Balance Management

The Balance Management module provides a comprehensive insight into the Regulatory Capital Requirement (VEV), balance sheet risks, and funding ratio of your clients.

The module offers flexible and customizable calculation rules that can be tailored as necessary to support any other type of risk calculation that may be required.

Alloq Balance Management

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