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Pension schemes must align with new legislation by January 1, 2028, representing a major adjustment. Alloq, in collaboration with KPMG, developed the Performance Allocation module to assist asset managers in efficiently implementing the updated pension system. This module seamlessly integrates into existing administration systems, offering customization for involved parties.

Validate regulatory data

We check portfolios for established limits and identify exceedances, such as the maximum solidarity reserve and filling percentages of premiums and excess returns.

Filling and distribution rules

Alloq sets guidelines per age cohort for interest rate hedging, allocation of excess return, filling percentage to solidarity reserve and distribution rules.

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Allocation of returns

Gain immediate insight into allocated returns, protection returns and interest rate hedging per age cohort. Alloq automatically distributes returns according to the guidelines entered in our mandate feature.


Insight into solidarity reserve

Alloq accurately monitors the development of the solidarity reserve per age cohort, with insightful graphs for changes and additions.

Review scenarios & mandates

Check manual input and generated output with a four-eyes check. Use our review feature to easily give approval or request improvements from colleagues.

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