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Alloq is a powerful SaaS solution that supports the entire asset allocation process for both client investment portfolios and multi-asset portfolios. It is specifically designed for institutional asset management, such as pension funds and insurance companies.

Alloq provides safety, transparency, control and complete freedom in calculation rules, making it a perfect fit for any investment strategy, now and in the future.



Rebalance According to Mandate

Alloq enables portfolio managers to allocate each client’s portfolio according to their own mandate.

The investment structure and mandates can be customized to meet the needs of each client, ensuring that portfolio managers can efficiently and accurately allocate funds for each of their clients with certainty and control.

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Customise Calculation Rules

Portfolio managers are in complete control within the secure and robust Alloq environment. Through Alloq’s user-friendly programming language, users can easily set up the module according to their own insight and experience, creating endless possibilities for innovative allocation management strategies.

Although all conceivable variables are possible, Alloq comes preloaded with all customer-specific calculation rules for ease of use.

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Deviate from the Asset Allocation

Alloq calculates the inflows or outflows per (sub) asset class based on the customer’s mandate. However, the portfolio manager can actively deviate from this calculation.

Alloq allows users to create various scenarios to see the impact of market values on their investment strategy. By working with scenarios, users can conduct what-if analyses and immediately see the influence of planned cash flows in the asset allocation. From a supervisory perspective, it is necessary to record an explanation for any deviation, and Alloq facilitates this flawlessly through the event-sourcing feature.

Four-Eyes-Principle & Audit Log

Alloq has multiple built-in features to maximize security, trust and transparency. Actions like approving mandates or transactions require a four-eyes-check. The four-eye principle helps to ensure that important actions are not taken by a single person acting alone, but instead require two individuals to independently verify and validate the action.

Additionally, there is an internal audit log built into this module that records all actions that are executed. This feature improves overall transparency, compliance and auditability.

Dashboard widget

Through the built-in dashboard widget, Alloq provides a complete overview of your clients’ portfolios.

The widget summarizes the portfolio’s status by displaying the various asset classes, target weights and cashflow suggestions. It alerts users when the allocation falls outside the mandated bandwidth. Moreover, it enables users to identify and analyze patterns between different portfolios, providing valuable insights that can improve overall performance.


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