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Who uses Alloq?

Alloq is used by institutional portfolio managers who want a more accurate, faster, and more robust process.


What are the benefits of using Alloq?

The biggest benefit of using Alloq is the speed, accuracy, and robustness of the software. While other software still takes hours to make calculations, Alloq can make the same calculations is a matter of seconds. And all that while maintaining high data security.


Can Alloq be integrated with other data providers?

Yes. We designed Alloq to export to the format you want, so it can be imported into other data providers such as Simcorp Dimension, within a matter of seconds.


Does the license include all the modules?

No. the license only include the module that is a perfect fit for you organization.


Where is my data physically located?

By default, your production data is encrypted and stored in two data centers. These data centers are privately managed by VI Company and are located in the Netherlands. The alternative approach is to have Alloq running at your own premises or Cloud environment.


How do you guarantee that your other clients can’t see my data?

Each client has its own, fully isolated environment. In other words: clients do not share data storage with other clients. In this way, we make sure that your data remains your data.


How does Alloq import my data?

We have a data and system agnostic importing mechanism for Alloq. Meaning that it does not matter if you deliver the data directly from HiPortfolio, Simcorp Dimension, Aladdin, a plain CSV or XML, or any other form of data source. However, it is important to keep the data structure and delivery process consistent over time. If you decide to switch from data source, e.g.: from a direct Simcorp Dimension feed to your own data hub, please let us know in time and we will adjust our importing mechanism to your preference.


Is my data safe?

Yes. There are two major factors keeping your data safe. The first one is our security architecture. We develop the application with extreme high security standards, have an infrastructure that is secured with firewalls and on top of that, this infrastructure will only be accessible from your private network. It will be separated from the rest of the internet. The second measure is encryption. Your data will be encrypted as soon as it is transferred to Alloq. It is also encrypted by the application itself. In a very unlikely situation that there is a data breach, only encrypted (useless) data is available in the databases.


Kunnen wij de beveiligingsinfrastructuur auditen?

We like to keep our security reputation extremely high. Therefore, we are trusted by clients such as ING Bank, BNP Paribas, PGGM, BX Swiss Echange, and Unilever Pension Funds to run one or more business critical processes. Alloq leverages on this environment. We get regularly audited by these clients. You are more than welcome to audit our environment too.

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