VI Company Square has been rebranded into Alloq!

Two years ago, we launched VI Company Square, the number one SaaS solution for Portfolio Managers to operate multi-asset investment portfolios with.

During those two years, we have added many new and exciting functionalities to our SaaS solution. Through digital transformation, process automatization, audit trailing, and high-end security we empower our users to focus on what they do best: managing investments.

At the start of 2021, we launched version 2.0 of our SaaS solution. To celebrate this milestone achievement, we’re rebranding VI Company Square into ‘Alloq’.

Alloq is an abbreviation of our core business ‘allocation management’. It’s as simple as it’s elegant. And let us be honest, our previous name was a bit of a mouthful.

So what changes will this rebranding bring to you, the end-user of our SaaS solution? Aside from a name change, a new logo, and a few color-changes nothing much really. The one thing that will change is how we’ll be communicating with you and others.

Until now Alloq has been rather invisible. Rarely did we publish blogs, present on events, or active on social media. Simply put: it was easy to not notice us. All of this will change in 2021. So keep track of our website, and follow us on LinkedIn. It’s going to be an exciting ride!


With kind regards,