Our story: Simplifying

financial markets together

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01Our mission

We want to make institutional asset management more efficient and effective. The first step is to digitize and automate existing processes, in order to subsequently improve these processes. Together with our customers, we are committed to a process that we can fully rely on. With full conviction, we develop the applications that are needed to achieve this.

02tailor-made solutions

With Alloq we want to make a difference for the investment industry, together with the industry. Together with our strategic partner KPMG, we can help companies to offer the right solution with expertise.

Together with PGGM, we have been able to develop the first Alloq module and put it in production. By bundling our technical knowledge with the domain expertise from PGGM we were able to create software that is a perfect fit. The added value of the collaboration is a fundamental part of the approach of Alloq. Where we work together with end users to solve their problems.

“Alloq closes a gap in the IT landscape that allows institutional investors to make their business critical processes more robust.”

Jeroen Ruepert, Partner Advisory, Asset Management & Pensions (KPMG)


Domain Driven Design

With the team behind Alloq, we are primarily concerned with offering processes in a robust and controlled manner. This requires a certain degree of innovation. The innovative approach to create building blocks that we use to apply a unique customer fit.

At first we need to understand the problem, immerse ourselves in the environment of the end user and get a grip on the specifics. We use this as fuel to build robust technical solutions, based on a domain-driven approach. With this mindset, we deliver software that is well-founded and guaranteed, and that fits exactly for the customer.


Supported by the operational and technical assistance of 45 other colleagues at VI Company


Our story – We’re not alone

In order to deliver good results and to continue to learn, we have a number of important partners around us. Together we move mountains and get further than alone. Do you think it would be interesting to think along with us and see what we can achieve together? Then contact us.

We are proud of our current partners who have brought us this far.

  • Official Gold Microsoft Partner

  • IA Fintech Member

  • KPMG strategic partner